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WatchGuard Bash or “Shellshock” Vulnerability

Summary News is breaking about a major new high severity vulnerability, CVE-2014-6271, with widespread impact. Gnu Bourne again shell (Bash) is a UNIX like command shell that is included in most distributions of Linux and also Apple OS X. The vulnerability allows an attacker to create environment variables that include malicious code before the system […]

Hacker breached HealthCare.gov insurance site

The Wall Street Journal Published: Sept 4, 2014 4:18 p.m. ET You wonder why I am pushing Web Security via http://www.MspManagedNetwork.net it is inexpensive security on a monthly basis. (Like I said Antivirus Companies cannot help you, if they do it at very minimum) A hacker broke into part of the HealthCare.gov insurance enrollment website […]

Botnet Targets Point-of-Sale Systems

July 9th, 2014, 15:35 GMT · By Ionut Ilascu List of weak passwords detected by IntelCrawler A new botnet has been discovered by security researchers, who observed that it uses the infected machines to scan for the presence of point-of-sale systems and gain access to the information through brute-force attacks. Los Angeles-based cyber threat intelligence […]

Android Malware Disguised as Security Update Steals SMSs and Intercepts Phone Calls

January 21st, 2014, 14:40 GMT · By Eduard Kovacs Again another clear case of these are toys and should not be used in a Corp/Business Environment Security researchers from FireEye have come across six versions of a new Android threat that’s designed to steal SMS messages and intercept phone calls. The malware has been dubbed […]

Upgrade your SonicWall customers to the UTM performance leader WatchGuard !!

But hurry—offer ends September 27, 2013. There’s still time to upgrade your SonicWall customers to better security. With the WatchGuard Red Instead promotion, they can trade up to a full UTM security platform – and only pay the renewal price. It’s like getting the device for free! Tell your customers how to trade in their […]

MspPortal Remote Management Reseller program

====================================== As a benefit to being part of our MspPortal Reseller Program Once you are ready to start up, call 408-374-8000 to let us know so we can setup a 30 trial account at no charge. REMEMBER, MspPortal Cloud’s monthly, low cost subscription Software as a Service, fits perfectly with your normal sales model and […]

Dissecting the Hacker – Three Profiles You Need to Know

By Grant Hegerberg Most network security management professionals have a pretty good understanding of the technology they employ to protect their company or data center from cyber-criminals. From UTM appliances offering the latest and greatest in compliance management and data security to wireless network security and BYOD device management, most people in the trenches know […]

Data breach puts DHS (Department of Homeland Security) employees at risk of identity theft

Tens of thousands of current and former Homeland Security Department employees are at risk of identity theft after officials discovered a vulnerability in the vendor’s system for processing background investigations. All DHS employees working in the headquarters office, for the Customs and Border Protection and for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement components from 2009 to […]

WatchGuard Mobile VPN app for Android (Supported by Fireware XTM OS v11.7 and higher)

Set up IPSec VPN connectivity from an Android device [Fireware XTM v11.5.x and higher] WatchGuard Mobile VPN app for Android (Supported by Fireware XTM OS v11.7 and higher) Question: How can I set up an IPSec VPN connection from my Android mobile device? Answer: There are two VPN clients that you can use to make […]

MspPortal presents updated WatchGuard Trade Up Program

Step up to the latest technology at 25% off. Both current WatchGuard customers and users of other brands of security appliances alike earn 25% off the purchase of the latest technology available. The WatchGuard Trade Up Program allows you to replace your aging technology with the best WatchGuard has to offer, keeping you a step […]